Obesity will not only affects the physical beauty, but also to the inconvenience of life which is prone to a variety of complications, accelerated aging and death. No wonder people are saying that obesity is a sign of disease and aging signal.

Most people from an aesthetic point of view is concerned about their weight, and medical community already well aware, obesity can cause many complications, obesity is on human health and the greatest threat to life. Obesity can cause: 。 high blood pressure obesity hypertension complication rate up to 46.3%, which means obesity is an important factor in high mortality. Diabetes Obesity is a risk factor for diabetes. Although not all obese people are complicated by diabetes, but obesity has a lot of cases of diabetes mellitus. Most obese patients with hyperlipidemia will appear the phenomenon of lipid metabolism disorders, with high cholesterol, high triglycerides, etc.

First, is the enemy of health and longevity -

According to statistics, obesity and heart failure complicated by cerebral embolism incidence twice as high than the normal weight, risk of coronary heart disease more than twice the normal weight, incidence of hypertension than normal-weight two to six times more, those with diabetes increased about four times normal, cholelithiasis were four to six times higher than normal, the more serious is the life of obesity will be significantly reduced. It is reported that 10% of overweight 45-year-old men, their life is to be reduced by four years, with Japan's statistics show that the percentage of standard mortality rate was 100%, obesity mortality rate was 127.9 percent.

Second, the impact of labor and vulnerable to trauma -

Obese people tend to be heat intolerance, sweating, fatigue, leg edema, varicose veins, suffering from dermatitis and other skin folds, severely obese people, slow, walking activities are difficult, a little flustered shortness of breath on activity, which affectsnormal life, serious and even lead to loss of labor.

Gentle Reminder:-

Give yourself a chance to love yourself, it is time to change yourself. Do not give yourself an excuse for another day, "Hey, will wait for tomorrow." How much tomorrows do you have? Take the action today!