We have mentioned in the previous essay that there is two hazards of obesity. That is First, is the enemy of health and longevity Second, the impact of labor and vulnerable to trauma

TI would like to share with the other three pairs of the harm caused by obesity.

Third, prone to coronary heart disease and high blood pressure:-

Physical activity to reduce obesity to coronary heart disease, leading to reduced coronary collateral circulation or less, and thus trigger coronary heart disease. Cholelithiasis, gout, obesity, compared with normal subjects, the cholesterol content of bile acids increased over the solubility of bile, so obese easily with a high proportion of cholesterol stones. Most gout patients are accustomed to high-protein diet obesity. Hyperplastic obesity complicated by spinal joint inflammation proliferative disease is the most common disease, followed by concurrent hip and knee of the proliferative lesions, which are obese often feel lower back pain and leg pain. Uterine cancer Obesity is not only the scourge of cardiovascular disease, it is also a predisposing factor for uterine cancer. Research shows that obesity has become a gynecologic cancer, especially endometrial cancer risk factors.

Obese can cause adipose tissue increased, oxygen consumption increased, cardiac work capacity, myocardial hypertrophy, left ventricular burden in particular, the easy way to induce high blood pressure. Lipid deposition in the arterial wall, resulting in stenosis, sclerosis, high incidence of coronary heart disease, angina, stroke and sudden death.

Fourth, the susceptibility to endocrine and metabolic diseases:-

With obesity-induced metabolic, endocrine abnormalities, often can cause a variety of diseases. Diabetes can cause abnormal glucose metabolism, fat metabolism can cause hyperlipidemia, nucleic acid metabolism can cause high uric acid and so on. Obese women due to ovarian dysfunction can cause irregular menstruation.

Fifth, have an adverse effect on lung function:-

Lung function is to supply oxygen to the body and carbon dioxide. Obesity due to weight gain requires more oxygen, but not the attendant increase in lung function, and obesity and limit the accumulation of abdominal fat, lung breathing exercise, it can cause hypoxia and dyspnea, leading to heart and lung failure.

Reminder !

Many people mistakenly think that dieting is a way to achieve the perfect weight-loss results. But they never know that dieting will slow down our metabolism extension when the metabolic rate, ie the diminished ability to burn calories, the body's cells starve for long-term , when the "food to the stomach", it will speed up absorption of glucose storage and manufacturing to prepare for future fat when energy is hungry again, the results of repeated dieting to lose weight in a vicious cycle, only eat lesser will gives you more fat.