Trim Stomach

Quickly leave the “big belly woman” in the title

A big rich woman, Monopoly has always been dreaming of each individual in order to pursue a dream; but if people still call you “big-bellied woman” is certainly the beginning of your nightmare. Want to set aside the title, LUMINOUS products can certainly help you, in addition to take the light outside the visible and want to enhance rapid weight loss treasure under the belly and easily get the perfect curve of the most effective way, do not know how to reduce belly fat? Quickly learn these tactics slimming waist and abdomen perfectly!

1, Let the fat dance out to: all forms of dance rhythms strong burn fat and calories are a good way – one hour can burn 400 calories – to dance but also make the waist t hinner fitness intensity method. Salsa, ballroom, belly dance, are particularly effective.

2, Sit with the ball instead of your chair to lose weight: You may find this a bit silly, even sitting on a ball instead of the daily diet used to sit on a chair and watch television; However, this is very conducive to strong your stomach, when you had to use your muscles, especially your stomach muscles to balance the body when sitting on the ball.

3, Do sit-ups: Yes, you know, this is old-fashioned way, but lie down together, the body constantly curl stretch, really very useful to alleviate physical relaxation. If other methods can not be immediately to see effect, you can consider doing 10-15 minutes a day of sit-ups. Remember that you must take the hands on the edge of your ears, not in your head, so as not to strain your neck or back.

4, Bending movement: If you feel difficult to do sit-ups, then do the bending movement to change it, which is also effective, and also simpler and easy to do. Sit on the floor, put his hands on the sides. Using only your abdominal muscles to lift hips off the ground, and put his arms and shoulders on the floor. Maintain this position for several seconds, then gently drop the body back to the ground. This is repeated 15-20 minutes.

5, Do yoga: not just celebrities like Madonna can do yoga, it is suitable for each level of everyone to do. Threw himself immersed in yoga is how comfortable, especially for how good the abdomen, doing yoga at the same time is used to do abdominal breathing exercise. Moreover, the training body for the yoga is very helpful – have a wonderful body of course, also have a flat belly on up!

6, Check your posture: If you want to maintain a flat belly, but you also keep your back strong.This is because the muscles around your waist while supporting your spine, so stand up straight, you can keep your back and abdominal muscles tight.

7, Continue to do sit-ups and twisting the body: Once done sit-ups over time, you will find it much easier to do, do not give up and do not do more, but another way to do it. Keep your hands in the ear side, slowly lift the body, then bend your body – starting from the waist rather than your back or shoulders – tried to elbow with the opposite direction to your knees enough so so, enough with your right elbow to your left knee. Release revert to your original position. Repeat, while upholding 10-15 times.

8, Using Toes: If you are tired of doing sit-ups, try this exercise. Lying on the floor, his arms pointing to the ceiling on the move vertically. Slowly lift themselves, so your hand is getting close to the toes – if you can, good enough to toe. Then return to starting position. But we must gradually do in order to fully stretch your muscles. Repeat 15-20 times.

9, Abdomen movement: this is very simple, especially when you feel too lazy to do exercise time. Just keep the abdomen, stretch your abdomen muscle, when you walk, or wait for the bus, you can do. This position can help you manage the abdomen flat.

10, if only full of bubbles: If so, then there is a lot of ways to maintain a more slender waist, even at night can also be effective. Carbonated beverage into drinking water, chewing slowly, so that you can improve your coliform bacteria, thereby reducing intra-abdominal flatulence.

We believe that every human will, after dinner, when taking a lot of starch accumulation in the body and will lead to lower body fat again, so we encourage you to dinner half an hour after taking the Soshin Fighter, then the effect will treasure through the slimming body of excess starch , to exclude all sugar and fat.