Trim Waist

The waist for men and women is the most critical parts, many women are generally the accumulation of fat in here, waist fat only affects the appearance, but also very dangerous, likely to cause high visceral fat, here to tell you the weight-loss diet. How often to exercise for the waist, in line with the light of the company’s tangible and effective weight-loss secret treasure easy to quickly lose weight. Then share with you a waist slimming exercise, to help you quickly burn fat waist.

1) Eat three meals
People can be not an outstanding figure, but must not have no “waist”. Coach mentioned that “hard to do sit-ups are not trained to effect.” How thin waist and the quickest and most effective? Because the shape of the body shape, the key is to increase the body’s basal metabolic rate, increased muscle saturation, reduce fat and increase muscle simultaneously. Breakfast like the emperor, lunch eat like civilians, then eat dinner like a beggar, insist low-fat, low calorie diet; fitness areas with aerobic exercise will have to be excellent results.

2)Wagging goldfish tail
Want to know how thin waist fastest and most effective, this action of the paraspinal muscle stimulation is very effective. Face down, hands crank, hand touched his forehead to control the body’s core strength, upper body and lower extremities simultaneously off the ground, control 2-3 seconds and then relax. You can also open or extend the arms forward in the back of the body grips, can clearly feel the abdominal muscles and back muscles stretch tension.

3)Right Angle
In yoga, this posture is called right-angle, inspiratory time, control the body to bend forward, upper and lower body at right angles, relative to grip with both hands extended to the top of the head, exhale, slowly relax the body, back to the upright. This action requires both sides to tighten the abdomen and lower back muscles, back muscles for maximum exercise intensity is a very good weight loss action.

4)Opposite sit-ups minus the fat Waist
Back flat, knees, feet flat on the ground, touch the right knee with left ankle. Placed his left hand after the first, elbows out, his right hand extended. Elevation in the right arm slowly pushing the body attached to the left knee, Hanxiong (elbow always a straight line with the ears, head and neck do not bend forward), hold the position, then slowly relax. Then the other side to repeat the same action, to do 4 groups 10-15.

What is the correct sitting position
Correct daily posture, back to the elegant shape is essential. Should be sitting in a chair before sitting 1 / 2 position, this position so that the tail vertebrae and share the upper left and right ischial weight, less likely to cause back pain. Scapula relax, relax the chest, breathing on the abdomen, lower back muscles on both sides to maintain a relaxed state.

How thin waist fastest and most effective
The benefits of correct posture
1. Relieve stress, release tension.
2. Not to have to hide the fat lazy place.
3 gives a kind of affinity.
4 filled with energy and vitality.

Prompt action
1 to keep the spine naturally straight, open shoulders.
2 pelvis upright, stable center of gravity.
3. Hunkered down on the ground, knees natural open; waist, abdomen natural adduction.

Good posture can be a thin beauty
Suggest that you take the time first to the spine naturally straight, abdomen, stomach and relaxed, shoulders sink, open the pectoralis major, upper body maintain a naturally upright, not having hump.

If the work tired, you can relax a steadily down the spine fit perfectly on the chair back rest 3 to 5 minutes, then restore the natural upright posture. Conscious attention to every day as long as the adjustment of posture, body shape will unknowingly change.

Ascending to relax the body muscles
STEP: seated, legs together, toes point. Hands straight, arm and ear, fingers relative. Abdomen and chest, eyes forward and keep this position for 2 to 3 time breathing.

Open hip style to the internal body to time, “massage”

STEP: a good dish of natural legs, hands together in prayer in the chest. Inhale, exhale the body forward, and hands open on his knees, try to tighten the back, to maintain this position for 2 to 3 time breathing.

Knee swing easy and convenient method of sitting by the waist
STEP: the seated, upright upper body, hands open, fingers stays. Knees, toes point. The toe fixed center, turning to the left knee, tighten the waist muscles to maintain this position for 2 to 3 time breathing, and back side.

Small caution: when rotating the waist, upper body and legs against each other feel.

Tighten the fat waist
STEP: the seated, upright upper body, knees, toes point. Body to the left turn, his hands open, outside of his left elbow against the right knee, fingertips support to maintain this position for 2 to 3 time breathing, and back side

Effect: to promote the abdomen peristalsis? Help abdomen tight