When you look at others strong and slim arm, and myself only able to turn my fat arms hidden in the sleeve, my heart really was not comfortable.

Through the ‘Kiyoshin’ and ‘Soshin Fighter’ is bound to allow you to regain self-confidence, treasured, hand want to bid farewell to the thick rough feet, you can also meet some easy exercise to help you more quickly achieve the desired effect. Here to tell you three simple thin arm recipe, if sustained, adhere to more than two weeks, you can lose arm fat, exercise a little strong arm muscles, then do not forget to buy a sleeveless dress to show your arm!

The first slim arm recipe:
1. Holding a dumbbell or filled with water (or sand) and PETE bottles, straight from the front and then further on, bear in mind snapping your ears to do this action.

2. Slowly forward, down, repeat this action-fifth, on the arm will be done when the sour feeling, you’re right, do the four-fifth day, can be done separately.

The second slim arm recipe:
The right arm stretched high, behind the left shoulder blade to bend to the left hand pressing the right arm joints, and touch the left shoulder blade, and then stretched high, so change sides, so the action to do twenty times a day.

If you just do it in the arm will feel very pain, that means you are part of a movement to that.

Third slim arm recipe:
1. Hands stretched forward, feet shoulder width.
2. Hands circle, circle out 20 times.
3. Again within the circle 20 times.
4 circle without drawing too much power with his arm, not hand.

There is no ugly women, only lazy woman Oh! As long as continuous exercise, with the slim arm is not a dream! But before doing these movements, do not forget to do first warm-up exercise, or there will be danger of injury.